Dues for Social Lodge are $88 a year, paid in advance, and should be paid prior to December 1st.

Non-payment of dues beyond this date may result in membership suspension (in 2019, Grand Lodge raised the per capita fee to $45 which is reflected in the $8 increase to our previous annual dues total).

Additionally, The Grand Lodge of Wisconsin implemented a $10 assessment for ALL Wisconsin Masons to be paid EACH YEAR for Three Years starting in 2019 and continuing through 2021.

This ASSESSMENT FEE is for the preservation of our Madison Masonic Center located just a few blocks down from Our State's Capital Building in Madison Wisconsin. This assessment was brought to a vote in 2018 at the Annual Grand Communication. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY THIS FEE. We have made it possible to do so online within our Lodge Dues Payment process.

We offer a convenient and secure means to pay your dues online, or you may send a check to the mailing address below.

If you choose to pay online, you can be assured that we use a professional payment processor to handle the information exchange and the transaction, and all of your information is encrypted in transit.  The process is simple and secure.

If you choose to mail in a check, use the following address:

Social Lodge #245

P.O. Box #62

Cambridge, Wisconsin 53523

To pay online, use the button below.

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