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Chartered in 1891, the Cambridge Lodge of Freemasonry (Social #245) has enjoyed a rich tradition of recognizing the pillars of our community as Brothers and friends. Today is no different. With a strong membership, we can continue to support local charities, develop strong characters, and participate in events that improve the lives of all. If you are interested in improving yourself, giving back to the community, and socializing with like-minded men who regard a man by his inner qualities rather than external conditions, then consider petitioning a lodge near you. If you live within close proximity to Cambridge, Wisconsin, and you would like to learn more, please click on one of the links below and someone will contact you shortly.

Freemasonry is not a religion; it is not a social club for the elite. It is a philosophic system of morality that promotes personal development, open-mindedness, charity, compassion, love, and tolerance among men of all cultures, beliefs, and creeds. 

The Freemasons in Cambridge meet twice a month at the Cambridge Masonic Center, "Social #245." We welcome men of every race, religion, and creed, who share in the ideas of improving self & community, knowledge, self-restraint, temperance, fortitude, and brotherly fellowship with other, like-minded men. We believe that the best way to improve the world, is to improve the community; and the best place to start is with the self and family. 

Can you dedicate yourself to greater purposes? We honor the traditions and beliefs of men from every culture who unite together for a common good. The real creed is here--a brotherhood of mankind.


Social Lodge 245 is the name of the Masonic Lodge located in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Our lodge meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, and meetings begin promptly at 7pm. 

In addition to being active in our local lodge, the members of Social Lodge in Cambridge, WI are active in Scottish Rite, York Rite, and Shrine. These appended Freemason bodies are where you find the 32 Degrees, Knights Templar, and many charities such as Children's Dyslexia Center, Knights Templar Eye Care, Shrine Children's Hospitals, and much more. It all starts with the Local Masonic Lodge. Contact us if you are interested. Good Men Only need apply. 

The Cambridge Masonic Center, Social Lodge #245, is located at 105 South Spring Street in Cambridge, Wisconsin. 

Our mailing address is:

Social Lodge #245

Box 62

Cambridge, WI 53523

On-line Payments and Donations 

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The Masons square that clears the air of folly and deception,

The rule is straight,

the angle clear for greatness has direction.

By the compasses abide the points within so far and wide.

No pleasure suede,

nor profit tempt, these bounds of mason pride.

Greatness, what your virtues are,

good deeds practiced wide and far,

and that secret of masonic love,

is learning who you really are.

For the great book knows,

what man can’t hide.

A life that is measured from inside,

and on that book that oath we took, and we will break it never!

But stand by this, and this, and this. forever and forever!

P.O. Box 62, 105 South Spring Street  Cambridge, Wisconsin  53523