Get Out of the Way

January 19, 2014


W M Nehpetsmai 


find it fascinating how nature presents life lessons, and I am delighted when I am open to its teaching. One afternoon, while doing nothing of great importance, I had such an experience.

I was on a golf course looking down at the little white ball, and for the first time, I noticed the irony of it all. The little ball sat on top of the large blue marble under the star we call Sun. Spheres above and spheres below. And within the vast universe full of stars, bodies, and space, I struggle to impose my will upon this tiny little ball. I picked up the ball, felt its mass in my hand, and I realized suddenly that every perfect shot I wanted, I had already played. I realized that up to that point my game consisted of me forcing my mind to control my body to do what I doubted I could do. To me, the significance was profound. If I had already hit the perfect shot in the past, then I could obviously hit it. And, if not for a physical limitation, then what? The thinking I considered necessary was my greatest roadblock. I did not need to analyze the game, remember every tip, or rehearse the shot in my mind. All I needed was to get out of the way and allow myself to hit the ball. I set the ball back down on the tee, and I hit it. It was a beautiful shot.

Now I will not tell you that every shot after that day was awesome, they were not. But I was free. I began seeing the destination, looking at the ball and just hitting it. My score improved, and my enjoyment skyrocketed. I was free.

This is not a lesson in golf. In fact, I am certain that many great (and not so great) golfers will ridicule my approach to the game. Yet how this lesson translates to my life is enormous. Having faith in yourself and the One that transcends our physical world is most powerful. Since this experience, I have noticed that many of my peak moments, times of deep inspiration, have been when I stepped out of the way and just let go. Instead of trying to control the flow around me, when I simply got out of the way, life appeared more inspired and natural to me. Stress disappears, anticipation vanishes, and a connection with oneness takes over.

That day I learned something important. Sometimes it is best to get out of the way, and let life flow. Enjoy the moment, and stop defining every expectation ahead of time. Be the silent observer--the witness. Someone once said, your body does not not have a spirit; you are a spirit, and you have a body.


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