A Springtime Reflection

April 23, 2014

A Springtime Reflection  |  SD, 32, W.M | Social Lodge #245

       Spring in upon us again. It is a time of rebirth and renewal. Mankind has always rejoiced the promises this season unfolds as we witness the living creation awaken from its long slumber and our Sun makes it trek back toward its highest prominence in our sky. For thousands of years man has treasured the Springtime with celebrations as is recorded in countless myths, rituals, and religions. The stages of life: the birth, growth, maturation, and slumber are symbolized in the seasons and personified within the stories we have long shared of heroes, gods, and goddesses.


In Masonry we talk about the hero Hiram Abiff and symbolize these themes in our rituals. From his skill over nature, his temptations, his unjust demise, and his symbolic rebirth from that shallow grave on a hill West of Mount Moriah, we can see this cycle play out. The three degrees elude to, among other concepts, the stages of man in his journey through life in a quest for light (gnosis, enlightenment, etc.).

            In birth we enter a physical world endowed with the precious spark of life from our Creator--that essence of consciousness-- the seed of light. Most wander through life in darkness, awake only to the physical desires and blind to the unfathomable mystery of life itself. Yet deep inside we crave more. Deep inside there is that seed that longs to be recognized and united to its creator through our consciousness; we seek to truly know ourselves. As we seek to understand our true nature, we may come to the point where we realize that we are blinded by our physical trappings; we realize the shallow grave of our physical reality. One may say, “I have a body,” or “I have a mind.” Yet, while these physical things are possessed by us, neither is “I.” When we realize our blinded state and experience a detachment from the physical reality by recognizing its limited hold, we may awaken to the light of Truth--that mystery of the Oneness we call God. Birth, growth, maturity, and sleep. Its a cycle we live out on many levels every day of our lives--and as life itself.

This story has been told a thousand ways, but its most constant and beautify reminder, to me, is the manifestation of the cycles of creation we experience on display every year that begin with Spring.



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